Help Sheryhann DJ and Naya KR fundraise for a volunteer trip to Peru

Sheryhann, winner of the Study and Go Abroad Facebook contest, will be taking a volunteer trip to Peru, with her friend, Naya, donated by contest sponsor, Developing World Connections.


Here’s what Shery has to say …

We are two ordinary girls who would love to make a difference in other people’s lives.

Let us share with you what may be one of the greatest decisions we will make on this journey called life.  What is more gratifying than the smile of a child; the eyes of a mother filled with hope, the facial expression of a father thanking you because you did what he couldn’t do?

As Mother Teresa said: “Give, but give until it hurts” a quote that influenced me; worth sharing.

It is for those reasons we have decided to go to Peru for a humanitarian cause In May 2014 to help build a school; however, we need your help to raise money for this exciting adventure.

We reach out to you to help us accomplish our dream; a dream to warm these kids’ lives with love & hope via education. Every small gesture counts – and if we all get together, we can change the world a little by planting seeds of aspiration into these children’s futures. Knowledge is power and, therefore, education is key.


Thank you for participating in building this school with us; on behalf of ourselves and of all the kids who will benefit from your generosity, we are forever grateful for your kindness and support. Check out our volunteer site and feel free to contact us directly.  Please note that for tax receipts (25$ +) you will need to send us your full name, home address, email address and amount)

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