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Win a Volunteer Trip to Peru or Guatemala!

Enter our facebook contest to win a volunteer trip to Peru or Guatemala, offered by Developing World Connections.  The prize is valued at $2000 and includes all in-country expenses, accommodation, food etc. To enter is easy … Tell us why YOU deserve this trip! 3 easy steps to enter this contest: – Make sure you’ve LIKED our facebook page – Write in the Comments box why YOU should win this prize … – Get your […]


A visit to the most remote islands of the world – Hawaii

Even though they are officially part of the USA, the Hawaiian islands are really nowhere near the American continent – or any other continent for that matter of fact.   These beautiful islands, located almost 3,000 km from any other landmass, are actually the peaks of an undersea mountain range caused by volcanic activity.  There are 8 major islands, of which the most known are probably the Big Island, Oahu, Maui, Kauai and Molokai. If you only have time for one island – […]


The upside of overseas volunteering – Lindsay Seegmiller, Director of International Outreach for Students Offering Support (SOS)

The Toronto Star published an editorial on January 4th entitled “The downside of overseas volunteering”. It raises great concerns about the transiency and true benefits of international volunteering. I agree with the criticisms whole-heartedly; however, this likely sounds hypocritical given that I lead the International Outreach arm of SOS, which has roots in two-week volunteer trips to build schools. So. How do I sleep at night (or, at least reconcile that hypocrisy)? I use my […]


Spring 2012 Study and Go Abroad Fair

Did you make it to the fair?   What a great circuit!  We loved meeting all of you who made it out to Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.  We had a great turnout and the universities really enjoyed meeting you. If you missed it .. don’t worry, you’ll have another opportunity this Fall!  The Fall circuit will be coming to the following cities: Vancouver – September 22, 2012 Calgary – September 23, 2012 Ottawa – September […]


Back in Canada – Maria Church

Back in Canada now, I am reflecting on the past 10 day trip to Singapore with mixed feelings of success. I found out a lot from the three ladies I profiled (see former blog posts) but I have yet to fully connect the dots to Canadian students. While I learned about some incredible incentives countries such as Singapore use to encourage international students to study there and about the importance of an education system to encourage students to […]


Touch down in Singapore – Maria Church

Well, I’m here! First impressions: hot. Luckily I arrived very early in the morning so there was no direct sunlight to warm the already hot and humid air. From deep winter in Ottawa to the summer of Singapore after a mere 24hours in transit; there has got to be a faster way to get to the heat! Ahh, but cards on the table, I chose to come to Singapore because my brother has been living […]


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