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Social Media and its impact on the way we communicate when we travel – by Andrei Milosevich

Andrei Milosevich

We’re constantly connected.  There are internet connections everywhere.  Plug into a wall or get it over the air, we’re never far from our online lives.  We share, over share, and watch others share.  These connections, propelled by social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, among a great many others, have not only changed the way we engage with one another, but they’ve changed the way we travel.  This connection means we’re never far from home.  [...]


Traveling on a budget as a university student – by KC Owens


The life of a college student is complicated. At the end of the semester you feel a surge of relief that you’re done with all the work and finally have a bit of freedom.  What should you do with it, though?  There are many options, from going home to getting a job in your university town, but when you think about it, this is the time you should really be exploring the world.  Who knows [...]


The Hawaii of Europe (and no, it’s not Greece) – by Stephanie Sykora

Stephanie Sykora Bio Picture

Whether you’re studying in Europe, taking a gap year, or just travelling, there is a destination that seems to be rather unknown to us North Americans. When we think of sun, Mediterranean beaches and islands, and stunning architecture the thoughts usually go to Greece or Italy. But the country of Croatia is gaining in popularity and has all these factors and more! I this past September my sister and I went traveling and decided to [...]


Win a Volunteer Trip to Peru or Guatemala!

Developing World Connections Volunteer Trip

Enter our facebook contest to win a volunteer trip to Peru or Guatemala, offered by Developing World Connections.  The prize is valued at $2000 and includes all in-country expenses, accommodation, food etc. To enter is easy … Tell us why YOU deserve this trip! 3 easy steps to enter this contest: – Make sure you’ve LIKED our facebook page – Write in the Comments box why YOU should win this prize … – Get your [...]


A visit to the most remote islands of the world – Hawaii


Even though they are officially part of the USA, the Hawaiian islands are really nowhere near the American continent – or any other continent for that matter of fact.   These beautiful islands, located almost 3,000 km from any other landmass, are actually the peaks of an undersea mountain range caused by volcanic activity.  There are 8 major islands, of which the most known are probably the Big Island, Oahu, Maui, Kauai and Molokai. If you only have time for one island – [...]


The upside of overseas volunteering – Lindsay Seegmiller, Director of International Outreach for Students Offering Support (SOS)

Students Offering Support

The Toronto Star published an editorial on January 4th entitled “The downside of overseas volunteering”. It raises great concerns about the transiency and true benefits of international volunteering. I agree with the criticisms whole-heartedly; however, this likely sounds hypocritical given that I lead the International Outreach arm of SOS, which has roots in two-week volunteer trips to build schools. So. How do I sleep at night (or, at least reconcile that hypocrisy)? I use my [...]