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Tips for Keeping a Healthy Diet While Studying Abroad

Image courtesy of Pixabay When you study abroad, everything is new and you’ll need to adapt to a new lifestyle, but there’s no need to compromise on your health. Remember to exercise and eat well. Look out for a local gym close to where you are staying, and take note of these few health tips. Eat in the Campus Cafeteria Often Eating in the campus cafeteria not only saves you money, but is healthier than […]


Study and Go Abroad Fairs kick off this Wednesday, February 25th

Gen Y generation is the ‘study abroad’ generation – never has it been more important to get out there and see, live and experience the world.  Employers are looking for ‘global citizens’ as most companies interact internationally, or impact the global world in some way or other.  Soft skills developed while studying abroad, from learning a language to flexibility, independence, problem-solving and understanding and appreciating other cultures, will differentiate you from your peers when interviewing for […]


Back in Canada – Maria Church

Back in Canada now, I am reflecting on the past 10 day trip to Singapore with mixed feelings of success. I found out a lot from the three ladies I profiled (see former blog posts) but I have yet to fully connect the dots to Canadian students. While I learned about some incredible incentives countries such as Singapore use to encourage international students to study there and about the importance of an education system to encourage students to […]


Why students study abroad? Maria interviews her first student – Priya

  Short and sweet Bio: Priyanka – or Priya – has been a post secondary student in Singapore for almost three years now. She is originally from Lucknow, a city in Northern India South East of New Delhi. She came to Singapore for her undergrad in computer engineering at the Nanyang Technological Institute. Priya is an only child and just celebrated her twenty first birthday. Her mother, a teacher, and father, a business owner, were both supportive of Priya’s […]


How to kill time in a boarding lounge – Maria Church is on her way!

And so the flight hopping begins. First to Toronto, then Minneapolis, onto Tokyo, then arrival in Singapore. While I wait in boarding lounges I figure a bit of introductions are in order. Hi! My name is Maria. I am in my fourth year of journalism studies at Carleton University in Ottawa. I have a passion for the pen (though in modern terms I suppose that would be ‘a passion for the keyboard’. Loses the romance, […]


Here I go – next stop: Singapore … blog post by Maria Church

I won’t deny that high school is a very important time for young adults. We’re introduced to all the basic studies all the while honing in on a potential career choice. So it was a little unusual when my parents and I decided I would take a month off school in grade 11 to travel with family in Europe. Now, I have a rather poignant memory of a teacher addressing my grade 11 class – […]


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