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Studying Abroad: By The Numbers

We all know that studying abroad is a good thing, but there have been several studies worldwide in recent years to back this up.  Here are some stats to convince you to start planning your trip abroad: 84% of Study Abroad alumni felt that during their time abroad they had developed valuable skills for the job market (studies by AIFS and IES Abroad). 91% of employers considered studying abroad on a resumé as a differentiating […]


Studying Abroad Doesn’t Have to Cost an Arm and a Leg

Do your research and find out about available scholarships. Did you know, every year millions of dollars in scholarships, bursaries and financial aid are left untouched.  There are tons of scholarships available at provincial level (check the Ontario Student Assistance Program – OSAP if you are based in Ontario), federal level and internationally. If you’re looking to join the almost 30,000 Canadians studying in the USA, find out more about the Killam Fellowships Program, for […]


Top Tips for Thriving on your Semester Abroad – by Megan Brickley

Make an Effort with International and Local People A semester abroad is a unique opportunity to make a wide circle of international and local friends. Whether it’s cooking a meal for your host family, or simply striking up a conversation with the person next to you in class, endeavoring to have a diverse circle of local and international friends will enhance your experience. Ask Around About Where to Spend Money Although you will probably begin […]


Want to Live and Study Abroad? Tips from Amanda Wilks, Boston Graduate ..

Studying abroad is an opportunity not many get, and definitely one no one should miss. It’s different, totally different than being a tourist in a country, and a lot more engaging and fulfilling. As a foreign student, you will experience life in a culture different from your own, and have the opportunity to learn new things and expand your vision of the world. Reasons to Study Abroad There are a lot of great reasons to […]


10 Skills to Add to Your Résumé after Studying Abroad

So you studied abroad and it was the best experience of your life. The only problem is, while you were abroad, everyone else was busy doing internships and gaining experience so that they can find a job after graduation. Should you have done the same? Not at all! Studying abroad is an accomplishment and the transferable skills you gained from it are the tools you’ll need to succeed in your career (and in life). So […]


Looking for more than a year of travel for your gap year?

The fact that you’re reading this blog tells me you’re different from the rest. You want to explore, see the world, and carve an exciting path into the future. I went to the Queen’s Commerce program after high school, and despite it being an incredibly rigorous academic setting, I found my head somewhere else in the first two years. My grades were much lower than in high school, and I was didn’t have the same […]


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