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Deciding to Volunteer Internationally – by Lindsay Seegmiller, Students Offering Support

Lindsay, SOS

There is a lot of speculation about the merits and benefits of international volunteering, and rightly so. This process of going abroad to help the less fortunate earns the volunteers no end of praise, well wishes and financial support from onlookers at home. However, an increasing amount of literature is arising that questions the inherent goodness of these experiences. Questions surface like, “What do you accomplish?”, “Who really benefits?”, and “What message is sent to […]


6 Tips to get through (and own) the winter term! – by Greg Overholt, Students Offering Support

Greg Overholt

With a long break, and the shadow of exams still looming over your shoulders, the winter term seems unbearable.  At this moment, you have probably realized you will need to get your ass in gear for the upcoming term – and that sounds miserable right? Right. I’ve gotta tell you though – after having seen so many students have a great fall term to then waste away their winter term, I know that you need […]

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