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5 resume-worthy skills you can learn while travelling abroad – by Daniela Luchette,

In Europe and Australia, the norm for students is to take a gap year to go travelling, but for some reason, students in North America don’t usually take the opportunity to go out and experience the world outside of the classroom. However, there is great deal of experience that can be gained from traveling and, best of all, these skills will look great on a resumé when you return from your world tour. Independence Sure, […]


Reverse Culture Shock – Get ready! – Tips from Shivani

Studying abroad can be the best time of your life, and until you find an excuse to move abroad, there will come a time when you will have to go home. After your time abroad, you would be pretty used to living out of your comfort zone, getting used to different languages, customs, and doing everything possible given the fact that you were abroad for a limited amount of time. But what happens after you […]


Studying Abroad: So much more than classes – by Adrian Oruclar

How studying abroad changed my outlook on life! I’m writing this blog post from one of the many wonderful cafes in downtown Melbourne, Australia, and in three days I hop on a plane to head back home to Canada. Reflecting on the past five months I’ve been in Melbourne as an exchange student, I could never have imagined how amazing this experience was going to be. First, a little bit about myself… My name is […]

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