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Magical Glastonbury

Glastonbury, a small town in Somerset, England, is likely not on most people’s ‘to do’ lists when they cross the channel; however, it’s a magical place, rich in history, myths and legends.   Well worth a visit, and you can combine it with a trip to Stone Henge. There are traces of civilisation in this area dating back to Neolithic times (5,200 and 4,500 years ago!), but in more recent times, the settlement of Glastonbury […]


London on a budget!

OK, so you’ve arrived in London to study .. or to work, visit .. what next?   Where to go .. what to do … ??  If you’re here to study – relax, you have time!  Take it easy, explore the city at your leisure.  If you are here for a two week holiday then start planning to see as much as possible of this impressive city in your limited time.  Hit the ground running!! […]

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