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Studying Abroad: By The Numbers

We all know that studying abroad is a good thing, but there have been several studies worldwide in recent years to back this up.  Here are some stats to convince you to start planning your trip abroad: 84% of Study Abroad alumni felt that during their time abroad they had developed valuable skills for the job market (studies by AIFS and IES Abroad). 91% of employers considered studying abroad on a resumé as a differentiating […]


Broaden Your Horizons: Consider a Graduate Program Abroad

Do your research and find out about available scholarships. Did you know, every year millions of dollars in scholarships, bursaries and financial aid are left untouched.  There are tons of scholarships available at provincial level, federal level and internationally. If you’re looking to join the almost 30,000 Canadians studying in the USA, find out more about the Canada-US Fulbright Program, for eligible graduate students, prospective graduate students or junior professionals who are looking to study […]


Here I go – next stop: Singapore … blog post by Maria Church

I won’t deny that high school is a very important time for young adults. We’re introduced to all the basic studies all the while honing in on a potential career choice. So it was a little unusual when my parents and I decided I would take a month off school in grade 11 to travel with family in Europe. Now, I have a rather poignant memory of a teacher addressing my grade 11 class – […]

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