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10 Skills to Add to Your Résumé after Studying Abroad

So you studied abroad and it was the best experience of your life. The only problem is, while you were abroad, everyone else was busy doing internships and gaining experience so that they can find a job after graduation. Should you have done the same? Not at all! Studying abroad is an accomplishment and the transferable skills you gained from it are the tools you’ll need to succeed in your career (and in life). So […]


5 resume-worthy skills you can learn while travelling abroad – by Daniela Luchette,

In Europe and Australia, the norm for students is to take a gap year to go travelling, but for some reason, students in North America don’t usually take the opportunity to go out and experience the world outside of the classroom. However, there is great deal of experience that can be gained from traveling and, best of all, these skills will look great on a resumé when you return from your world tour. Independence Sure, […]


Who’s coming to the Study and Go Abroad Fairs?

Not long to go now – one week tomorrow until the 2011 Fall Fair Circuit kicks off with the Ottawa expo .. followed by Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary.  We have an exciting list of exhibitors for you – offering undergrad and postgrad in a variety of fields.  Here are just a few of the big names to whet your appetite ..   UCL – University College of London – #4 in the world!! Medical schools […]

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