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Touch down in Singapore – Maria Church

Well, I’m here! First impressions: hot. Luckily I arrived very early in the morning so there was no direct sunlight to warm the already hot and humid air. From deep winter in Ottawa to the summer of Singapore after a mere 24hours in transit; there has got to be a faster way to get to the heat! Ahh, but cards on the table, I chose to come to Singapore because my brother has been living […]


TOKYO – the world’s largest metropolis

Originally founded as a small fishing village in 1457, Tokyo is now the largest metropolis in the world with almost 35m people .. but surprisingly enough, it just works!  It moves at a fast pace, with an almost obsessive energy and is a unique melting pot of old and new.  While the people embrace the latest fashion, technology and architecture – the city remains true to its roots.  Fashions come and go, cell phones and […]


One hot summer and two internships in India – Shivani Mukerji

Being an Indo-Canadian, I have visited India a number of times since I was born to see family but I’ve never stayed as long as 3 months, much less worked, in India. So spending a full 3 months away from Canada to work in India was definitely something I have never experienced before. How did I land my internships? The short answer is family connections. In third-world countries where fair hiring practices aren’t a priority […]

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