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A Visit to Europe – a photo essay by Komail Naqvi

Avignon Never knew an ancient town centre could be so full  of life and festivity!   Barcelona The thing I most appreciate about this city is its people and its culture.   Paris We were lucky enough to have been able to attend French Republic Day during our visit.  It’s the biggest number of people I have ever seen in one place at one moment in time.   Manchester Caught in the middle of the […]


TOKYO – the world’s largest metropolis

Originally founded as a small fishing village in 1457, Tokyo is now the largest metropolis in the world with almost 35m people .. but surprisingly enough, it just works!  It moves at a fast pace, with an almost obsessive energy and is a unique melting pot of old and new.  While the people embrace the latest fashion, technology and architecture – the city remains true to its roots.  Fashions come and go, cell phones and […]


Journey to Latin America

Journey Latin America

Listening to a busker playing the panpipes today reminded me of my many trips to South America.  I learned Spanish from an early age and I love the language, the Latin culture and the warmth and spontaneity of the people. If you are looking for a fascinating mix of culture, history, and spectacular scenery,  add South America to your ‘bucket’ list .. and let’s start with Peru .. 😉 At the time that I wanted […]


Trekking in Nepal

Years ago, I managed to convince a couple of my friends, Jon and Mike, to go trekking with me in Nepal.  We left England in May bound for Kathmandu, and then jumped onto a bus to Pokhara to start the Annapurna Basecamp/Jomson Trail. My first piece of advice for readers – have an open mind when travelling in Nepal – and dispel any pre-conceived ideas you may have about public transport.  There didn’t seem to […]


London on a budget!

OK, so you’ve arrived in London to study .. or to work, visit .. what next?   Where to go .. what to do … ??  If you’re here to study – relax, you have time!  Take it easy, explore the city at your leisure.  If you are here for a two week holiday then start planning to see as much as possible of this impressive city in your limited time.  Hit the ground running!! […]


Adventure Travel Trip Winners – Study and Go Abroad Fair

Congratulations to the Winners of the Grand Prize Draws!!  All visitors at the fairs in Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto were entered into a Grand Prize Draw.  The lucky prizewinners were: Corey Whelan – winner of the 2-week Environmental Awareness Project volunteer trip to Nicaragua, offered by Travel CUTS. Joanne Napolitano – winner of the 4-week Thai Adventure trip, offered by Real Gap Experience Wendy Chow wins a $250 voucher towards a Greenheart Travel Program (work/ […]


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