Take to the seas .. and earn high school credits!

Most people think of flying OVER the ocean fo rtheir semester abroad .. but how about making the ocean your destination?

Sea Education Association (SEA) offers 17-credit SEA semester programs, beginning with 6 weeks on land studying oceanography, maritime studies and nautical science followed by a 6-week offshore  sailing/research cruise.   Find out more from this article: http://www.gostudy.ca/semester-abroad/blog.html.

Bytown Brigantine offers a wide range of hands-on sailing programs for teens on the tall ship ‘Fair Jeanne’ for 5-21 day trips in the summer.  This summer, programs could include SCUBA diving, flat water sea kayaking as well as the opportunity of earning a high school credit while on board.  Come and meet them at the Study and Go Abroad Fair or check out their website: www.tallshipsadventure.org.


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