Studying and Working in Australia: Best Cities and Towns – by Maria Nieves

Studying in Australia is so much more than simply going to school, passing your exams and earning good grades – it’s about exploring the culture of this wonderful country and becoming a true Aussie in the process. Once you arrive here, you’ll have plenty of time to travel the entire continent and meet various people, from the urban and busy citizens of Melbourne and Sydney to indigenous Australians. And, of course, you are going to love the warm weather, sandy beaches and numerous water activities. But, the most important aspect of being a foreign student in Australia is the quality of the country’s educational system which is among the greatest in the world. So, here are the best places you can move to or study in.


This is probably the easiest choice to make – the most prominent place in Australia also offers a number of opportunities for studying and living. The list of places you can attend is long and includes all areas of academic interest, from humanities and medicine to programming and economics, and everything in between. Sydney’s universities accommodate more than 250,000 students (including international students) every single year, which means you’ll have lots of chances to experience a great student lifestyle.

When it comes to logistics, keep in mind that Sydney has a number of campuses and dormitories where life is cheap and the party never ends. And even if you pick to live off-campus, you can still count on a busy night life – not to mention the Opera House and other sites for all those culture-oriented students. Finally, the city is easily accessible by international travel routes, so your family can visit you frequently.


Australia’s capital offers some of the things Sydney can’t – more prospects for future jobs and easier access to some of the schools you might want to enroll into, including the University of Melbourne and Victoria University. No matter what your interests are, you’ll likely find a relevant program in one of Melbourne’s seven universities and quickly adapt to all the opportunities this city offers. Moreover, Melbourne is home to students from all over the world.

The multicultural atmosphere, combined with the endless cultural activities, is one of the reasons why students love Melbourne so much. Furthermore, there are tons of prospects for cheap living, on and off campus, which is why this city has been voted “the most livable” in the world. Ultimately, the combination of inviting beaches and entertainment options makes this the ideal home for thousands of young people ready to explore life.



As the most populous city in Queensland and one of the most welcoming places in Australia, Brisbane has always been popular with international students. Even though many people know that Brisbane hosts only two universities – the Queensland University of Technology and the University of Queensland – they’re unaware of the fact that there are ten campuses in this city and more than enough opportunities for high quality education. About 20% of the approximately 100,000 students are from overseas, so there is a rich international community here.

The main reason why students pick Brisbane is its friendly and unpretentious atmosphere – besides boasting a year-round warm climate, there’s a small-town feeling everywhere you look, and you can’t find this in some of the larger and more populated cities. If you’re looking for student accommodation in Brisbane, it’s easy to find an affordable home off-campus, share an apartment with a roommate or even live by yourself. One thing is guaranteed, you won’t get bored – Brisbane has a rich cultural scene; plenty of cinemas, theaters, art galleries, museums and a good nightlife.


Main Considerations

When choosing a place in which to live and study, take a few things into consideration.  Most importantly, pick a school you’ll enjoy and a study program you’ll love. Secondly, try to find cheap accommodation near your university if you want to skip commuting. Finally, manage your social life, introduce yourself to other students, visit cultural events and rediscover yourself in the friendly Australian surroundings.


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