Study and Go Abroad Spring Fairs Start This Week

Spring fairs showcase international opportunities

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These fairs offer you an ideal opportunity to explore your options.

In your quest for the dream job, your journey could take you overseas, whether you want to be a physician or a musician.

This week a series of Study and Go Abroad Spring fairs will be rolling out across Canada, with stops in Vancouver, Montréal and Toronto.

These fairs offer you an ideal opportunity to explore your options, if you’re thinking about working or studying overseas. It’s a rare chance to meet face-to-face with people who can answer all your pressing questions.


Studying Medicine in the Caribbean:

According to an article from CBC news, 3,500 Canadians are studying medicine overseas, vs. 10,500 Canadians studying medicine in Canada. Two Caribbean medical schools will be part of the fairs, Avalon University and St Martinus, both from the island of Curacao.

Master of Arts in The Beatles, Popular Music and Society:

Earlier this year, Canadian Mary -Lu Zahalan-Kennedy became the first person in the world to graduate with a Masters degree in The Beatles from Liverpool Hope University. Representatives from Liverpool Hope will be on hand to answer your questions about Beatles-ology.

University of Sussex:

This UK-based University is doing fascinating environmental work, including interesting research on glacial melt and global warming in the Canadian outback.

Global Vision International:

Adventure-minded students can learn more about getting a chance to:

  • Volunteer to teach surfing to children in South Africa
  • Work on wildlife conservation in Australia in the Great Barrier Reef
  • Learn to SCUBA dive in the Seychelles

Work the World/Gap Medics:

Work the World places healthcare students in overseas electives and work placements in developing countries. Gap Medics places 16 to 25-year-olds in medical volunteer placements.

United Planet:

Learn more about opportunities where you travel to Costa Rica to meet with an indigenous group, or travel to do environmental work at a cloud forest in Ecuador.

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