Smart Graduates will be checking out business, work experience and study options at the Study and Go Abroad Fairs in Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto

Where are you headed? Are you just graduating and looking to start work – or do you need more education to help you land that dream job? Do you want to start your own business?

To get that top job, you need to have a competitive edge over other applicants in your field. Over the years, it has become increasingly more important to have university studies and a Bachelor’s degree is now often the minimal requirement for any job. So, if everyone has a degree, what’s on your resume that will grab the attention of the potential employer?

It could be further studies – a specialization, a post-graduate degree? How about a post-graduate degree from overseas? In today’s globalized world, companies are looking for people who have an understanding of other cultures, a broader perspective on the world in which we live, and .. an additional benefit … you can develop a network of potential business contacts, people you studied with, during your study abroad program.

If you are considering starting your own business, check out business programs that incorporate entrepreneurial skills into their programs; just to mention a few, Queen’s School of Business, Bond University and Charles Sturt (from Australia), and University of Hawaii’s Shidler School of Business. These, and many others, will be exhibiting at the Study and Go Abroad Fairs.

Another differentiating factor could be international work experience or volunteering overseas. Some companies offer internships overseas, or volunteer placements (organizations such as Child Family Health International and Work the World offer placements in the health care and medicine in developing countries). Meet these and other such companies at the Study and Go Abroad Fairs to find out more. Even an unrelated work program overseas proves that you are flexible and can adapt to other cultures.

Start planning your future now – and kick-start your career!

Study and Go Abroad Fairs:

Vancouver: March 3, 2pm – 7pm Vancouver Convention Centre

Montreal: March 5, 1pm – 6pm Le Centre Sheraton Hotel

Toronto: March 6, 1pm – 6pm Metro Toronto Convention Centre


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