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Living and working abroad has many advantages. You can learn about a different culture,  visit some really  cool sights and experience new things all while saving for your education.  A few weeks of snowboarding, kayaking or swimming with dolphins does wonders for relieving the burden  of everyday monotony.  While you’re having the time of your life probably the last thing on your mind is claiming back overpaid income tax.  Read on for some tips on how to do just that!

While working abroad, your employer deducts income tax from your earnings and often he deducts more than what you really need to pay because your annual income may be less than the personal allowance in that country.  The good news is that you can get this money back by claiming an income tax refund if you know how – but just a warning, this can be tricky if you’re not familiar with the local tax filing procedures and required documentation.  You may want to rely on the experts to help you, so check out Taxback.com.

Taxback.com is a leading international tax consultancy processing over 300 000 international tax refunds every year for the last 18 years and provides a comprehensive tax return service for 16 countries. Their process starts with a free refund estimation so you know how much you will get right from start. The best part is that you don’t pay anything up front. The company operates on a no refund – no fee basis and deducts a processing fee from the amount of your tax refund only in case such is issued for you successfully. They’ll give you quote you before the service process starts and will ask you to confirm if you wish to proceed under these terms.

The company provides a document retrieval service if you don’t have all the necessary documents to proceed with your claim. Other advantages of using taxback.com include a 24 hour customer support line and free online help with a live chat service in more than 20 languages. You’ll also receive access to personal TaxTraker® account which will allow you to monitor the progress on your refund application 24/7 online. You can also update your account with a bank account where you want to receive your tax refund. Refunds can be sent in every bank account and currency worldwide.

Now with the extra bit of cash in your pocket your travels can continue on for longer, maybe to nearby countries? Let the professionals handle all the complicated details so you are free to enjoy your stay until the very end.



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