Affordable Ways to Explore Australia while Studying abroad – by Marie Nieves

Being a foreign student in Australia means two things: great education and a chance to explore the country. The problem most people have with perceiving Australia as a tourist destination is its remoteness, but studying there solves this issue easily. Once you’ve traveled so far to reach it, you can discover all the beauties the Land Down Under hides. However, being a student also means finding cheap ways to travel, looking for affordable accommodation and basically trying to save a dollar or two any way you can. Here’s how to do it and still have lots of fun.

Plan Ahead

The most important thing you need to do before even starting your trip is planning it in as many details as possible! The thing with Australia is that you can’t just hop on a train and go somewhere since most major cities aren’t in close proximity to one another. This might work in other countries like Great Britain, Italy, the USA or even across the entire Europe, but not here. That’s why you need planning.

So, first decide where you want to go and how long you wish to stay there. Due to Australia’s topography, you’ll probably need a plane to get from point A to point B, so figure out a way to buy plane tickets cheaply. Look for lower prices, ask for student’s discounts, see if there’s a travel agency on your campus, book early and settle on traveling during unpopular times of the year when tickets are cheaper. Once you’ve taken care of this part of your trip, everything else will be much easier.

Planning a Longer Trip

A longer trip in Australia means traveling across the country, from Brisbane to Adelaide or Melbourne, or from Perth to… basically anywhere on the East Coast. You’ll need a week or two for this adventure, so consider your schedule and plan ahead – knowing when your spring break is, for example, means you can book a cheap flight in November and save tons of money.

When you reach your destination, try to make the most of it: track down every memorial you can find, visit every museum that’s open and walk as much as possible. These are three low-cost ways to learn about the city’s history and feel its contemporary pulse in the streets. Also, think about affordable accommodation – lodge with a friend or find a hostel you can pay for. Or, alternatively, look for cheap student accommodation provided by people with private residences who often have amazing offers.

Planning a Short Trip

On the other hand, you don’t have to leave the city where you’re studying to have a great experience. Places like Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney or Perth offer numerous opportunities and sights, so all you have to do is find a way to visit them all. You can, for example, take a one-day trip around Queensland’s Gold Coast and spend time at its many waterfalls, rainforests, national parks and stunning beaches. This exploration of the wild is absolutely free and you’ll only spend money on food.

Alternatively, plan a weekend trip around Sydney. Since you’ll have a place to stay, don’t think about lodging, but focus on getting the most out of the money you have. There are lots of attractions and most of them are free of charge, so a trip to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Art Gallery of New South Wales or the Centennial Park doesn’t cost a dime.

Maximize every Cent

When traveling on a budget, make every cent count. Pick cheap rides, opt for free accommodation, don’t drink too much and plan ahead. And, most importantly, enjoy your Australian student adventure!

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