A visit to the most remote islands of the world – Hawaii

Even though they are officially part of the USA, the Hawaiian islands are really nowhere near the American continent – or any other continent for that matter of fact.   These beautiful islands, located almost 3,000 km from any other landmass, are actually the peaks of an undersea mountain range caused by volcanic activity.  There are 8 major islands, of which the most known are probably the Big Island, Oahu, Maui, Kauai and Molokai.

If you only have time for one island – which one do you visit?  That’s a tough one.  I spent hours researching on internet to try to decide where to go, and in the end picked Maui .. not as commercial as Oahu, but not as wild as Kauai, and small enough that you can get around it in a week.

I was expecting a beach holiday.. but this wasn’t the case.  The beaches are beautiful of course – but there’s a ton of things to do, places to see .. you know how it goes!  Best beach?  My favourite was Makena’s Big Beach, but check out the nudist beach (Little Beach) at the end.

Some tips on what to do:

You need a car unless you plan to lie on the same beach every day!

If you’re staying in an apartment – stock up at Costco on the way from the airport.  Food can be expensive on the islands, but Costco is great value, and of course you can buy your booze here as well (much cheaper than in Canada!)

Get up early (and I mean EARLY!) to see the sunrise on top of the Haleakala Volcano.  Be warned .. it is cold up there!  Big temperature drop – take all the clothes you have, and even take the duvet or blankets from the bed.

Road to Hana is well worth it .. 600 or so curves and 50+ bridges.  It’s a little windy road, so take it easy, but scenery is beautiful.  The black beach is stunning (love the contrast in colours) and swimming in the Seven Pools is a great way to cool off on a hot day.  Climb up to the higher pool and stand under the waterfall.

Lahaina is a great town – tons of history, and the Banyan tree is amazing!  Lots of artists hang out here so if you like art, visit the local galleries.

A luau is a must if you are a first-timer to Hawaii.  Choose your luau carefully as they are not all the same. We went to the Te Au Moana in Wailea and it great – great food, good pina coladas, and an amazing sunset from the beach.

Diving and snorkelling are great – Molokini is the favourite spot but there are other good places to go as well.  We say turtle, sharks, dolphins and even Hawaiian seals (very rare).  I recommend Ed Robinsons for diving!  Windsurfing is also apparently very good .. and of course, surfing.

Last tip .. go for TWO weeks, one week is barely enough.   


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