5 great reasons you should study abroad in 2016

instagram04Here are just a few good reasons you should consider studying abroad, either for a semester, an academic year, or even a whole degree programs:

  • Land that dream job! Get that competitive edge over your peers when applying for that dream job: the job market is pretty competitive out there, and studying abroad looks great on your resume.  Most organizations work in a global environment, and employers are looking to hire ‘global citizens’ who have studied or lived in another country.
  • Change your perspective and yourself.  There’s nothing like studying or living abroad to broaden and change your perspective on the world, yourself and your own country.  In terms of personal development and discovering yourself, there’s nothing like it.  Studying abroad will test your ability to adapt, stand on your own two feet, be totally independent, and maybe even find new interests.  One thing is for sure, you’ll never come back the same!
  • See the world!  Experience a new country, new cultures and a different part of the world.  Choose Europe, and other countries are a short train-ride away, Choose Australia and take a flight to New Zealand!  The possibilities are endless.
  • It’s a career move! A Harvard Business Review survey found that people who have international experience are ‘better problem solvers and display more creativity’, and were more likely to ‘create new businesses and products and to be promoted.’
  • Save time and money! Believe it or not, studying abroad can be cheaper than studying in Canada.  In many countries, undergrad degrees are three years, and Master’s programs only one – so you can graduate quicker.  Also, you can often go straight into Pharmacy, Medicine, Law etc straight from high school.  And, many academic and sports scholarships are available.

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About the Author: Katie Idle

About our business, Study and Go Abroad is the 'go to' site for Canadians looking to study abroad, travel, intern or volunteer. We organize fairs twice a year in various cities in Canada, and I'd recommend getting down to one of them to check out all the exciting options. As for me, I'm a business woman and a travel junkie! I have always had a passion for travel and for experiencing new cultures. Brought up in England, I traveled Europe in my teens and early 20s. I have lived and worked on 3 continents; Europe, Africa and North America. I have traveled extensively worldwide both for work and for fun - and still can't believe how much of the world there is still to see!

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