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Study and Go Abroad Prize Winner – Trip to Hong Kong and China (January – February 2017) – by Natalie Osowski

I am usually a routine kind of person. I wake up, go to school, go back home and study, sleep and then start my next day. It does sound boring, but I am happy and comfortable with it. When I got an email that I won a free round trip flight to anywhere in the world on Air Canada, after I attended the Study and Go Abroad Fair in Toronto in the Spring 2016, I […]


Mark your calendars – the Study and Go Abroad Fair is back!

STUDY AND GO ABROAD FAIR – Sept 24-Oct4 Vancouver – Edmonton – Calgary – Ottawa – Toronto Don’t miss this fall’s events if you are considering studying abroad either short-term or long-term, or even taking a gap year or travelling. This expo has something for everyone, and all the experts under one roof. Here are a few of the main features: Top-ranked universities from around the world Undergrad and postgrad degree programs Gap Year options Work […]


Surviving the Trans Siberian Railway

It was the trip of a lifetime – taking the almost 8000 km train ride from Moscow to Beijing had been on my bucket list for who knows how long!  I had talked about it, read the Trans Siberian Lonely Planet Guide, researched it on the net .. but somehow never actually got around to doing it .. until one of my friends mentioned that it was on her bucket list too!  Two other people […]


Healthy eating tips for study abroad trips … by Shelly Stinson

Studying abroad is a great way to experience some of what life has to offer beyond the boundaries of your hometown, and even your home country. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to see how other people live, work, and socialize. But if you aren’t careful, it can also give you something else: a larger waistline. Studying in general has the ability to make you gain weight. One piece of research published in Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism found […]


Study and Go Abroad Fairs kick off this Wednesday, February 25th

Gen Y generation is the ‘study abroad’ generation – never has it been more important to get out there and see, live and experience the world.  Employers are looking for ‘global citizens’ as most companies interact internationally, or impact the global world in some way or other.  Soft skills developed while studying abroad, from learning a language to flexibility, independence, problem-solving and understanding and appreciating other cultures, will differentiate you from your peers when interviewing for […]


Encounter new cultures in your own backyard: explore Canada’s diversity through photography

  Going abroad can be a great experience. Travelling brings you in contact with other cultures and new perspectives, and expands the way you think and understand the world. But here’s the thing: so can staying in Canada. Canada’s foreign-born population is now over 6.8 million—that’s over 20 percent of the total population. In the 2011 National Household Survey, Canadians reported more than 200 ethnic origins. Right here at home, we are surrounded by (and […]


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