Tips for Keeping a Healthy Diet While Studying Abroad

Image courtesy of Pixabay When you study abroad, everything is new and you’ll need to adapt to a new lifestyle, but there’s no need to compromise on your health. Remember to exercise and eat well. Look out for a local gym close to where you are staying, and take note of these few health tips. Eat in the Campus Cafeteria Often Eating in the campus cafeteria not only saves you money, but is healthier than […]


Do Your Homework – How To Stay Safe Away from Home

If you are a student spending time overseas as part of your studies there will be plenty of things to occupy your mind both before you leave home and when you are there, but one aspect of your trip that always needs careful consideration is how to stay safe. Nothing ruins an overseas trip quicker than the discovery that your travel documents or money have been stolen, or you find out all too late that […]


Affordable Ways to Explore Australia while Studying abroad – by Marie Nieves

Being a foreign student in Australia means two things: great education and a chance to explore the country. The problem most people have with perceiving Australia as a tourist destination is its remoteness, but studying there solves this issue easily. Once you’ve traveled so far to reach it, you can discover all the beauties the Land Down Under hides. However, being a student also means finding cheap ways to travel, looking for affordable accommodation and […]


NEW for Spring 2017 – Graduate School Fair – Vancouver March 1st

We are excited to launch our first Graduate School Fair on campus at UBC (The Nest, University Blvd) on Wednesday, March 1st. If you’re currently studying for an undergrad degree and wondering what to do next – make sure you make it down to this event.  Top grad schools, professional schools and universities from Canada and around the world will be at the event to tell you more about their programs.  If you’re working and […]


Studying Abroad: By The Numbers

We all know that studying abroad is a good thing, but there have been several studies worldwide in recent years to back this up.  Here are some stats to convince you to start planning your trip abroad: 84% of Study Abroad alumni felt that during their time abroad they had developed valuable skills for the job market (studies by AIFS and IES Abroad). 91% of employers considered studying abroad on a resumé as a differentiating […]


Broaden Your Horizons: Consider a Graduate Program Abroad

Do your research and find out about available scholarships. Did you know, every year millions of dollars in scholarships, bursaries and financial aid are left untouched.  There are tons of scholarships available at provincial level, federal level and internationally. If you’re looking to join the almost 30,000 Canadians studying in the USA, find out more about the Canada-US Fulbright Program, for eligible graduate students, prospective graduate students or junior professionals who are looking to study […]


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